Q: I see white “fuzzy” things in my microgreens. Is it mold?

A: In 99.9% of the cases it is NOT mold. You are looking at Root Hairs. The root hairs function is to collect minerals, nutrients and water to the main root that transports it to the rest of the plant. All seed varieties are different but you’ll most likely see root hairs on Broccolis, Radishes, and Cabbage varieties. 

Since our microgreens grow in transparent Agar, you can see what is happening above “ground” as well as “below” in contrast when growing in soil. We kinda think its kinda cool too! :)

Q: Can I eat the Agar?

A: We do not recommend you to eat the Agar once you started growing your greens in it. But the Agar we use is “Food Grade” and therefore is perfectly fine for consumption. Furthermore, since since it is made from Algae from the ocean it does have subtle “seaweed taste” to it. 

Q: Do I need a Table Garden in order to grow microgreens?

A: The Agar & seed bags are specifically designed for the Table Garden meaning that we can guarantee that the right mix of seeds and agar will be placed into the Table Garden. 

All of our seeds are Phytosanitary Certified Seeds (meaning that they have been tested and passed for safety measures) and the type of Agar is certified “Food Grade”.