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Growing fantastic flavors is way easier than you think. You don’t need soil, green fingers or a lot of space. 

At least when you use Table Garden.



Table Garden makes growing microgreens at home easy. Instead of soil the greens grow in agar, a natural powder made from red algae. The greens are ready for harvest within 6 - 12 days and there is no need for watering.

Table Garden comes with a greenhouse in porcelain, three kinds of organic seeds and agar growing medium for three harvests.  




Agar is a natural powder made from red algae. Legend has it that agar was discovered by chance in Japan in 1658 when a bowl of seaweed was left outside a mountain inn during a winter storm. When the innkeeper added warm water to the frozen seaweed a jelly was formed. Agar is nowdays an important part of the Japanese cusine. 

The beauty of using agar instead of soil is that agar bind all the water microgreens need to grow. There is no need for you to water the plants. The agar takes care of that. 



Microgreens are small, fast growing greens that grow from the seeds of vegetables and herbs. They are larger than sprouts but smaller than baby vegetables and are ready for harvest whitin 6 – 12 days. 

Since microgreens began to appear in restaurants in San Fransisco in the 80s they are now used by chefs and foodies all over the world. By growing them at home you can eat them directly after harvest when they are in their prime, full off fresh flavors.